SSFP focuses on providing client oriented capital raising and financial solutions in the following areas:


SSFP's professionals helped dozens of financial institutions in raising capital to meet their balance sheet needs and improve profitability.

SSFP professionals’ experience includes:

  • Principal investing in structured debt including project financings
  • 144A or private, rated or non-rated securitization transactions
  • Structuring senior lines of credit / warehouse financing
  • Structuring mezzanine and subordinate debt
  • Bulk loan / lease portfolio sales
  • Equity and Venture Capital

Established relationships with the following entities facilitate efficient deal execution:

  • Institutional investors
  • Warehouse providers
  • Credit enhancers
  • Rating agencies
  • Financial institutions

Examples of asset classes for which Stonehenge professionals have closed transactions:

  • Small- and mid-ticket equipment loans/leases
  • Agricultural loans
  • Automobile loans/leases
  • Insurance commission finance
  • Professional practice loans (Dental practices, law firms, insurance agents, etc)
  • Energy off-take/output contracts and efficiency projects
  • Rental Inventory
  • Small balance commercial mortgages
  • Trade receivables and factored advances
  • Intellectual property


Renewable energy and energy efficiency project financing are quickly emerging markets that offer tremendous opportunity to build a lasting and market leading financing franchise.  SSFP has achieved the following:

  • Developed a significant project pipeline for energy efficiency through a partnership with an engineering firm leading to unique transaction opportunities
  • Capitalized on limited competitor focus on middle market transactions
  • Discovered tremendous investor appetite for these types of transactions
  • Utilized New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) and other financial incentives to offer attractive returns and structural enhancements
  • Explored real estate renovation opportunities including sustainability projects